Universal Expandable 360° Rotation Versatile Monitor Holder

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Introducing Our Versatile Desk Holder Stand

Experience enhanced productivity and entertainment with our desk holder stand. With 360-degree rotation, compatibility for screens 10"-20", and free adjustment, enjoy optimal viewing for work, gaming, or leisure.

Its stable support, metallic texture, and durable ABS construction ensure reliability.

Plus, its optional folding design and compatibility with phones and tablets make it perfect for any digital setup.

Elevate your experience with our versatile desk holder stand.

360 Degree Rotation:
Experience unparalleled flexibility with the 360-degree rotation feature of this desk holder stand. Effortlessly adjust your monitor to any desired angle for optimal viewing whether you're working, gaming, studying, webcasting, or simply watching a movie.
Application Screen Size 10"-20":
Designed to accommodate a wide range of screen sizes, from 10 inches to 20 inches, this universal expandable display base ensures compatibility with various monitors, providing versatility in its usage.
Multi-Device Compatibility:
Not limited to just monitors, this versatile desk holder stand accommodates various devices, including phones, tablets, or screens. Whether you need a hands-free solution for video calls, a second screen for multitasking on your tablet, or a dedicated stand for your gaming console, this expandable display base offers universal compatibility, making it an indispensable accessory for your digital lifestyle.
Versatile Usage:
From enhancing productivity during work or study sessions to indulging in immersive gaming experiences or enjoying multimedia content, this desk holder stand caters to diverse needs. Whether it's for professional tasks or leisure activities, it's your reliable companion.

Free Adjustment:
Tailor your viewing experience according to your preference with the free adjustment feature. Effortlessly tweak the height, tilt, and orientation of your monitor to achieve the perfect setup for maximum comfort and productivity.
Stable Support:
Crafted with stability in mind, this desk holder stand offers a secure base for your monitor. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your screen is firmly supported, minimizing wobbling or potential accidents.
Metallic Texture:
Elevate your workspace aesthetics with the sleek metallic texture of this desk holder stand. Its premium finish adds a touch of sophistication to your setup, blending seamlessly with modern office or gaming environments.
Material: ABS
Constructed with durable ABS material, this desk holder stand ensures longevity and reliability. Its robust build withstands daily use, providing a sturdy platform for your monitor.

Folding Design:
For added convenience and portability, consider the optional folding design. Effortlessly collapse the stand for compact storage or transport, making it ideal for on-the-go professionals or frequent travelers.

Application  Size: 10"-20"

Feature: 360 Degree Rotation

Use for: Working, Gaming, Studing, Webcasting

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Humberto Turcotte

For it's price range looks exceptional product!!!
I'll certainly reorder and a second one.
Totally VFM

Cletus Medhurst

It's nice to have it for the sinetek 13HD.
I think you can use it for a big tablet.

Maximillia Schultz

Arrived much sooner than expected. cheap but sturdy and good-looking. Does the job perfectly 👌

Daija Hettinger

I 've only bought two of these good ones, but I want to buy more.
I recommend

Clemmie Strosin

The product looks good quality, arrived in 10 days