QCR™ Waterproof Wireless Headset with HD LCD Display MP3 Player & Power Bank

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These Astonishing Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones come with HD LCD Display and MP3 player. They have a HIFI sound quality, Smart Noise Reduction, e-Book, Voice Recording, and Power Bank features so you can enjoy and charge your earbuds or phone anytime!  

Discover all these features and more in this amazing multi-functional Smart Bluetooth headset. 


HiFi Sound Quality and Intelligent Noise Reduction:

Powerful, balanced sound with dynamic range and noise isolation. Wireless earbuds reduce the background noise, you can enjoy your music, no matter what happens around.


Powerful Immersive Sound Experience:

Real immersive sound provides the listener with a natural ("life-like") multi-dimensional sound experience unlike anything heard before in traditional surround solutions. Immersive audio creates the sensation of height all around the audience, transporting them into a more thrilling and deeper audio experience.

Smart Touch Control for a more comfortable user experience just touch softly to use the smart soft-touch control to pause and play music or pick up/hang up on any call with the built-in microphone.


Other useful Bluetooth protocols include AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) for Remote Control of your Smart[hone and HFP (Hands-Free Profile) so you can take phone calls without needing to touch your Smartphone first. what makes this item to much more than just a listening device. 

Enjoy an amazing Large Screen Display 4 INCH High Definition LCD

Multifunctional Features and Intelligent Digital Display with a clearer view.
for e-books MP3 Player apps and more ...

Powered by Bluetooth v5.0 New Technology with low power consumption, no connection delay and with higher audio bandwidth than before, the focus is on providing quality music, sound, and speech, so you know they will sound incredible from any Bluetooth device.

It provides high-speed data transmission and stability.
With the 10m effective transmission distance, it allows you to make clear calls, and the high sensitivity of the microphone can help you easily make a hands-free call, with up to 10M Bluetooth range in open space. 

Smart Charging Case and PowerBank 

These earbuds also serve a dual function - you can use the charging box as a portable power bank and MP3 player, simply plug in and use the massive 3500mAh Battery. 

Don't miss your chance to enjoy these Ultra-small, lightweight and high-end Original Bluetooth Wireless Earphones on your daily routine or while you are playing your favorite sport - our earphones are waterproof so you don't need to worry about getting them wet (just don't go scuba diving with them!)


IPX7 Waterproof Feature:
Specifically reinforced design to resist sweat & water during tough workouts.

Comfortable Fit for Your Ear, use the ergonomically designed flexible ear hooks with gel-flexible silicone earplugs to ensure your headphones fit comfortably to the ears. Keep your earphones firm and in place with a comfortable and secure design. 


It can be connected and quickly paired with Android, IOS and other Bluetooth devices with Intelligent Identification Feature: Easy to pair & Easy to adjust.


    Bluetooth Chip 5.0

    Charging Box Battery : (Q1s/Q1 3500mAh)

    Earphones Battery: 60mAh*2

    Earbuds Standby: 90hours

    Play Time: 6-9hours

    Charger time: 1-2hours

    Transmission distance: 15-20M

    Waterproof level: IPX7

    System Configuration: can be connected and quickly paired with Android, IOS and other Bluetooth devices 

    CPU: at least Pentium-133MHz

    Memory:  4G

    Hard disk free space:  100MB

    Multifunctions: step counter, Clock, Music, Bluetooth, E-Book, Recording, Folder and Album display, Flashlight... and so on.

    24 Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Danish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Indonesian, Greek, Simplified, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


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