Smart 4 in 1 Wireless 15W Fast Charger Dock with LED Alarm Clock & Thermometer

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Introducing the Wireless Charger Alarm Clock: the ultimate multifunctional bedside or workspace device.

This innovative gadget features a wireless charger for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, a date display, an adjustable LED night light, and a 12/24 hour switch.

Stay on schedule with the triple alarm clock and monitor your environment with the built-in thermometer.

Enjoy energy-saving mode and seamless wireless charging for your phone. Optional USB ports and a Bluetooth speaker add extra convenience, making this an essential addition to your daily routine.

Wireless Charging: Effortlessly charge your devices with the built-in 15W Fast Charging wireless charger, compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows wireless charging devices. This feature ensures your phone, earphones, and other gadgets are always ready to go without the hassle of cables.

Date Display: Stay organized and keep track of important dates with the easy-to-read date display. This feature ensures you never miss an appointment or special occasion.
LED Night Light: Illuminate your space with the adjustable LED night light. Perfect for creating a soothing ambiance, it can also serve as a gentle guide in the dark, ensuring you find your way without disturbing others.

12/24 Hour Time Switch: Customize your time display with the 12/24 hour switch. Whether you prefer the standard 12-hour format or the military-style 24-hour format, this feature provides flexibility to suit your preference.
Alarm Clock: Never oversleep again with the triple alarm clock feature. Set up to three different alarms to ensure you wake up on time or get reminders throughout the day, perfect for managing a busy schedule.
Thermometer: Monitor the temperature with the built-in thermometer, which displays readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. This feature helps you stay informed about your environment for comfort and safety.

Power Saving Mode: Conserve energy with the power saving mode, which can be turned on or off as needed. This feature helps extend the lifespan of your device and reduces unnecessary power consumption.
Wireless Charging Capability: Ensure your phone is always charged with the wireless charging capability. If your phone supports wireless charging, this product will keep it powered up without the need for additional cables.


Set Type: With USB Cable

Certification: RoHS

Certification: FCC

Connector Type: Type C

Max. Output Power: 15W

Material: ABS

Output: 5V 1A

Input: 5V 1.5A

Rated power: 15W

Function: Alarm Clock, Time/Temperature Display

Dimensions: 20x9.75x6.4cm

Package Included:

1* Alarm clock

1* 1m Charging cable

1* instruction manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Angelica Roob

Fast shipping, the clocks came with no defects and they are working great. Highly recommended

Chelsey Ratke

nice product , it gives you time date temperature and it has an LED light with 3 different intensities , and i use it to charge my pixel 7 wirelessly .

Kyra Schmitt

Excellent very nice and for the moment functional great

Larissa Robel

Very good as alarm clock and to charge your equipment great recommended quality and price would buy it again

Brain Becker

Very good product! Quality, condition, functional it's ok.
All functions working good.